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Monday, 23 April 2012

How to set "Search Preference" in Blogger

How to set "Search Preference" is a main part of every blog because it tells search engine to crawl your blog or not and every new blogger wants to set it also in his blog but he don't know how to set it. There is also some other part which is very necessary to set them like meta tags description, robots.txt file, custom redirects, customize your error pages, add image and header tags and even add the "no follow" attribute to the links. Here i am going tell you how to set it. 

Below are some help links which help you how to use each of these new features:


    Wednesday, 4 April 2012

    What is SEO ?

    Meaning of SEO is "Search Engine Optimization." It is a web activity. which is performed by with the help of "Search Engine." If we describe the full meaning of "Search Engine Optimization." 

    Then we find that Seach Engine stands like engine Google, Yahoo and Bing. And now"Optimization." In which we determine and analyze the current location or Rank of a website and We decide that where it should be. It is a process which is performed by a professional who is called SEO or "Search Engine Optimizer."

    In this optimization we increase the visibility of a website with the help of SEO techniques so that search engines like Google find out and rank your website greater than the other websites in response to your query. SEO helps you in getting more traffic from different search engines.

    More Visibility = More Traffic!= More Rank = More Money

    In other words, SEO is a web marketing. In which we do marketing of any website in the web world.