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Friday, 27 April 2012

What is Google Drive & its features ?

It's a great news for those persons who likes cloud computing. And Google has done very well in this field with it,s new feature Google Drive. It is just like your computer hard disk where you are store your data but Google drive is something different from this because it is not in a physical shape like your PC drive.

Google drive is a online storage place where we can store our data and the amazing thing is that we can access it from anywhere in the world just like as we are accessing our emails from internet. You just need to create a gmail account for accessing it or those who have already gmail account they can sign in directly and take the benefits with following Google drive feature option.

Features & free limit

Google has created new chapter in this field against it's competitors like drop box and providing more than space from other without any other activity like sharing with friends for more space. It is full pack of a bundle like Gmail, Google document and now Google drive at one place.

  • Free space upto 5GB storage
  • Instant create doc, spreadsheet and presentation 
  • Work & see changes at the same time
  • Work better with other Google products
  • Powerful search 
  • Open different kind of files whether you have not installed them Like HD videos 
  • Share with your friends & allow them to view & comment 
  • Discussion with friends on any topic
  • Google track your save changes every time and update
  • Safe place for your files